Vietnam is a great country, where has a rich culture in Hospitality. There is no doubt to acknowledge that Vietnam is developing significantly , in term of Economic and Civilization . 

With the total population predicted to reach 100 million  people in 2025 (Institution of Policy and Management),  along with an anticipated increase in middle-class  population from 44 million in 2020 to 95 million in 2030  (Nielsen), Vietnam is a promising market for the Hospitality  industry. 

Despite advantages and opportunities, Hospitality Industry in Vietnam is facing numerous challenges from Conceptualization to Operational practices. We, HCS hereby to provide the solutions to accommodate these obstacles helping Business Owner to runs the property(ies) in the most profitable methodology.



- Be One of the Well-known company in the Hospitality market. 

- HCS supports in offering solutions for all stakeholders through expertise and creating the network for international and domestic partnership to contribute in enhancing the  innovation and qualification of the National Hospitality Industry. 

- We highly value the sustainable practices in our business. It is not only in Financial Value but also Socialized Value.


- By the strong Eco-system of the Company in Vietnam, HCS strives to complete the beneath goals:

♦ Ensuring the Qualification Value

♦ Standardizing the Hospitality practices by International standards

♦ Environment Preservation

♦ Talent Development 

♦ Nation’s Culture Preservation 


- Offering the best Solutions by the latest trends and insights HCS on managerial skills, leadership and innovative ideas for the workforce.

- Lay the foundation for partnership and investment within the ecosystem, between stakeholders as well as international businesses. 

- Represent the Hospitality industry in Vietnam to be an intermediary for businesses and International intention. 

With Very Kindly Regards! - HCSB.O.D